A Reason the iPad and iPod Touch Do NOT Have A Camera

Today, I visited the Apple iPad line, quized several store employees on the device and played with it for about 30 minutes. I didn’t learn a whole lot more, except that it is surprisingly heavy to hold in your hand, and typing on a flat surface is poor because of the uneven back.

But I digress. The one thing I really learned today from Apple was a possible explaination as to why the iPad doesn’t have a camera. Questioning a store employee, he mentioned that Apple was pushing this as a device similar to the no-camera iPod Touch, to businesses, and the military. Many businesses and the military don’t like devices with cameras as they can give away secrets and infringe on privacy. This is one reason why the iPod Touch and iPad still do not have cameras, despite tear downs that show plenty of space for one.

Why do you think the iPod Touch and iPad don’t have a camera? Let me know in the comments!

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