Alec Baldwin in Apple Store, The Cube in NYC

Friday the 19th, I was outside the Apple cube in NY. To my surprise, I turned around to nearly bump into someone who looked quite familiar. Then, in a split second, I realized that the man I had nearly bumped into, who was making his way into the store, was none other than Alec Baldwin. Getting only one shot of him before disappearing below, I thought better than to stalk him in the store and get thrown out by security guards. So, for the next 15 minutes, I stood poised outside the store, waiting for the perfect shot of Alec under the Apple logo. Finally, after freezing my extremities off, I spotted him coming out. In rapid succession, I snapped the below photos of Alec Baldwin coming out of the Apple cube in New York. Enjoy.

Later, I asked a greeter about the anomaly. He told me that Alec Baldwin visits the store often, and dropped a few names of others that have visited the destination, including Robin Williams and Oprah Winfrey.

Update: I also uploaded the photos to Flickr in the case that servers are taken down.

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