What Google Will Buy

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Google. The massive search company. Arguably, the best suite of online services out there. What will Google buy? Read on.

Recently, Eric Schmidt of Google announced that Google would start buying companies again. Here are some of the companies Google will buy.

Dropbox: This is one that I would love to see happen, just because it would make Google Docs so much easier to use. The ideal setup would be that Google would purchase Dropbox, let people continuing using it the way they would, but increase storage capacity, and add functionality that would allow you to sync your documents up to Google Docs. We saw this for Syncplicity, but a Dropbox, Google Docs integration would be amazing.

Drop.io: Drop.io is another one about storage. This would be interesting if Google acquired it because it would indicate another direction Google is heading off in. Maybe Google would go this way, just because it would reach a new audience, and get Google in the storage business. It would be a must have if they acquired Dropbox. Can you imagine a Dropbox, Drop.io, Google Docs integration? Wow, I just blew my own mind.

Jott/reQall/Dial2Do: This acquisition would just be amazing because best use case, Google would integrate with Google Voice. Then integrate with Google Tasks, and suddenly, your whole life is in Google.

Some Kind Of Data Network: This one is a great subject to delve into. I won’t, just because of time, but if Google aquired a data network, I could imagine chaos ensuing. If the FCC approved this move, then Google could dominate the wireless data market, offering free internet in exchange for the use of people’s data. Anti-trust law suits, here we come!

There you have it. Just a couple of guesses to what Google will buy. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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