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With the news about Apple and servers, people are wondering what Apple is up to. If you hadn’t heard, Apple recently created a server farm in North Carolina. Now, because Apple is mostly a hardware company, people are beginning to wonder why they did that. Here are some Distant huge cloudsestimates.


Apple has always depended on iTunes to bring attention to iPods. Perhaps in the future a faster iTunes is in order. The rumors have also been circulating about a more social iTunes. Maybe a better cloud version will be part of the updates.

This idea has become increasingly apparent with Apple’s latest move to purchase Lala, a online music collection service.


Maybe in the next couple of operating systems, Apple will release an attempt at a cloud operating system. With the latest announcement of Chrome OS, an operating system that will rely heavily on the cloud, I wonder if Apple is aiming to do the same thing. What would happen if Apple’s Lion would be in the cloud?

The ability to access your operating system from anywhere has been seen in the school system and some businesses. An Apple operating system in the cloud would be a fascinating idea that seems like the future of operating systems.


Finally, MobileMe, Apple’s service that provides syncing your entire account to computers, iPhones and the cloud. But with the service, we can finally connect the dots. Imagine if your MobileMe account ($99 per year at the present time) was your account for accessing your cloud operating system and iTunes music collection online? Suddenly, most of your world at Apple is online, accessible from anywhere. I think I just blew my own mind.

What do you think of the possibilities of Apple in the cloud? Let us know in the comments.

Bonus thoughts:

*The announcement of the said to be Apple tablet in January may be running a version of a cloud operating system, a thought that could be just the beginning of Apple’s future in the cloud.

*Microsoft is on the same path to cloud operating systems.

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