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I know, I know, way too much Apple. But that’s news. OK. The rumors are in for the September 9th Apple event. I really liked VentureBeat’s run down on tomorrow’s event. They boiled it down to this:

Some sort of iTunes enhancement. Depending on what day you read MacRumors, the major music labels are either working with Apple or working against Apple on enhanced digital formats for album and single releases. The rumor mill is spewing every geeks’ dream feature list: Blu-Ray! Facebook! Twitter! An even more complicated way to poke around with apps you don’t really use! The latter is a given.- A tablet computer. The Wall Street Journal reported as fact a few weeks ago that Jobs was working hard on a touchscreen device. Would Steve Jobs tease us with a music event and then hit us over the head with a new type of Mac? Anyone who witnessed Jobs’ cruelly clever fake-out of Motorola in 2005, where he held an entire launch event for their phone before dropping the iPod Nano on us, secretly hopes he’ll do something like that tomorrow.

Apple TV update. Nah. Given the two-time failure of Apple TV to steal the world from Netflix and Comcast, I’m skeptical they’ll go against the Beatles with strike three.

OK. Here is my take. Apple announces new iPods in September. And because Apple is trying to get rid of the iPod Touches, they might be getting ready for a new, cheaper iPod Touch. The new iPod Touch will have similar pricing to the iPhone 3G, and have a camera and compass. I would also say that a refresh on the iPod Classic, Nano and Shuffle is in order. The Classic might be downgraded to a iPod with a SSD to increase the speed and prevent drive failures.

Let us know what you think the Apple event will bring in the comments!

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