Cell Phones Use WiFi to Make Calls

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Enough with the Apple rumors. Here we will take a look at the future of cell phones and Wi-Fi.

We have seen this with Skype. And T-Mobile’s Hotspot at Home. And we have also seen the amazing strength of many phones located in one place (they take down carriers). We have also seen how people obsessively stop in coffee shops to check their email.

The future is this:

All cellphones will have Wi-Fi built in. If you go to a coffee shop with Wi-Fi, you can call anyone, anywhere for free (services like Skype and Google Voice will help). Cell phone companies will encourage this because it will reduce the strain on their networks. And with the growing use of cell phones, we will need it. But what about tethering? You can see that this will become popular from a mile away. So can AT&T, which is why they decided not to support it immediately.  Tethering is good for consumers, but bad for networks.

And in terms of landlines, the future has already caught up, bring us a gadget called Ooma. Ooma is a phone that you purchase for a large sum, and never pay a subscription fee for life. The gadget works simply. You buy the phone, hook it up to your internet connection, and have free phone calls for the rest of your life.

Tethering will be one of the reasons that phone companies will do Wi-Fi cell phones. Now, what about the quality. Some say that the quality is worse on Wi-Fi calls and sounds like you are in a tin can. Well, isn’t that already the case with cell phones on networks? My hunch is that the quality will stay the same if not increase.

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