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[UPDATE: You can see all of the logos here]

After much debating, polling and questioning, I have reduced the many different possible Looming Tech logos to two:



Which one do you like? Let us know in the comments.


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The dawn of what is yet to come….

Welcome to Looming Tech. This site aims to make predictions, realistic or not, of what won’t, will and shouldn’t happen in the tech world.

And now, a quick word from our chief blogger, The Soothsayer.

“As I look back on the years….. Nah, I wouldn’t do that to you. Actually, this first post reminds of a comic strip. In a Foxtrot strip by Bill Amend, Peter has a book report due in a hour. In the first panel we see ‘Chapter 1: Loomings’ and in the next we see Peter, with his head in his hands saying ‘If Melville only knew’.

And just as Peter had no idea what he was getting into, so do I. And probably, so do you. So let’s both plunge into the depths of technology and learn together, no mater how cliche that sounds.”

Thanks for reading! Grab the RSS feed here, and as the Joker says in The Dark Knight, “And here, we, GO!”

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