The Apple SD Card Secret [3G SD Card]

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I have spoken about SD cards and Apple before, but recently, while listening to TWiT, I came up with an alternative explanation for the seemingly uncommented-on addition of an SD card slot to new computers. Here is my prediction:

1. Apple will update all hardware to have a SD slot (Air, iPhone and Tablet included).

2. Apple will begin the push from CDs to SD cards with OS install and software on both cards and CDs.

3. Apple will acquire EyeFi for SD card technology.

4. Apple, in partnership with Verizon or AT&T, will create an SD card that not only has storage and GPS capabilities, but a 3G connection that provides internet.

5. Apple will encourage the population to sign up for the service, which provides you with one SD card that is compatible with all Apple hardware.

Use Case: I purchase the service, perhaps $100 and can buy the card in the store or online. I recieve the card, activate it using iTunes and plug it in to my MacBook Air. I decide I want to go out for a while, grab the SD card, and plug it into my tablet, bringing it with me on the trip. I can have fast enough internet to stream music or to check email.

As I write this, I realize that Apple could sell you multiple cards, and you could use only one at a time, depending on your plan. In addition, the use of MobileMe could integrate nicely, letting you deactivate a computer’s connection and the like.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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