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二月十七日·雪What’s the future of Google and audio?

When you think about, Google has really just been crawling towards the hidden search destination: audio.

Audio is a huge category of media content that in the past has been difficult to index and search for one simple reason: good technology for transcribing audio does not exist. Sure, there have been attempts like Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Jott.

From Google 411 to Google Voice, Google seems to be getting into the big topic of audio. Here are couple of events in the near future:

-Indexing every video’s audio file on YouTube. YouTube is a huge Google sub-company. There is a lot of content on Youtube that is just sitting there, waiting for something. And, with Google’s latest move to provide CC for videos, it seems like searching the audio of videos is just around the bend.

-Perfecting a speech to text conversion tool from data from Google Voice and Google 411. Google Voice and Google 411 are excellent services that use speech to text conversion. Google also has an iPhone app that works as well. All of these inputs can be used by Google to help create the best speech to text tool out there.

-Indexing and converting to text all audio on the net,, podcasts, all audio in videos, etc. With podcasts, videos and, being able to index all of the audio on the internet would be a wonderful feather in Google’s cap.

What do you think about the future of Google and audio? Let us know in the comments!

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