Apple iMacs and Macbooks [The Rumor Roundup]

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Alan Jackson in concert in HoustonWith all of this talk on new iMacs and Macbooks, I thought I would do a quick round up all of the rumors. First off, here is what we are dealing with: a refresh of the iMacs and and update of the white Macbooks.

Macbook Rumors

AppleInsider had this post on the Macbooks claiming:

As is the case with the upcoming iMac makeover, little is known about the revised industrial design of the new MacBook models, other than hints towards a thinner, sleeker enclosure that will embrace Apple’s cutting-edge internal battery technology.

That said, one person familiar with pre-production units indicated to AppleInsider several weeks ago that models awaiting certification were seen in white polycarbonate shells, consistent with the sole $999 model currently available from the Cupertino-based company.

Basically, there will be a refresh of the Macbooks, with the same or cheaper price and a sleeker, thinner body. This is said to happen in the coming weeks.

iMac Rumors

According to several sources, along with the Macbook refresh will come a iMac refresh. This is supposed to happen at the same time as the Macbook refresh. I liked Gizmodo’s summary of the rumor:

New iMacs aren’t just coming soon, they’ve been rolling out for two weeks, according to AppleInsider. They’re thinner and look more like the LED Cinema Display, with mystery features that make them the “most versatile ever.”

One of those features might be Blu-ray (uh, finally), and another might something “related to audio.” AppleInsider says they’ll be extending the “capabilities of at least one technology introduced on the Mac platform as recently as last fall,” which to us means either an LED display, or the unibody build. (Or hey, maybe it’s a super Mini DisplayPort.)

I would agree that most of what is mentioned will happen. In a past article here, I mentioned what I thought future iMacs would contain.

Now that we have SD card slots in MacBook Pros, it won’t surprise you that I think that new announcements for refreshed Mac Pros and iMacs will include SD card slots. It’s obvious that Apple thinks that these are the future.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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