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My recent post on The 2.0 Life talks a little about what goes into my browser. Take a peek at the excerpt below, or just click the link above for the full experience.


IE is terrible. Safari is nice. Chrome is sweet. Firefox is amazing. You can guess which one I use. Do it. Guess.

If you didn’t guess, I use Firefox. The main reason to use Firefox is the extensions. Extensions allow you to add your own personal touch to Firefox. More popular extensions include those that block ads, download content and add the weather to the sidebar. But I will go into the depths of extensions later.

If you find yourself without the need for wonderful ways to expand your browsing experience, find yourself needing simplicity, don’t lose hope. There are others. Pretty darn good entries in the race I might add. Those would be Chrome and Safari. Chrome is Google’s browser. It works the best on PCs, and is very fast. The Mac version is not as polished, but still does a fine job, which leads us to the second contender. Safari. Safari is Apple’s default browser on the Mac is sleek and nearly identical to Chrome.

But I won’t dive into the browser wars when there is so much more that can be discussed.

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