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Welcome to Squealing Rat. This network features a complex milieu of news, good links, helpful articles, and guest posts written on other blogs.

You can find the essential tech articles and more for the day, by subscribing to the RSS feed. Long articles, subscribe here.

If you find yourself needing a particular service, or interesting article, I invite you to visit squealingrat.com to search, which I tend to do a lot.

If you enjoy reading only the best articles, news, and tips, I promote following my Twitter feed, @squealingrat.

I also write for Lost in Technology have written for Digizd. In addition, I write for two of my other creations, Looming Tech which predicts inovations in the tech world, and Lone Iguana, a source of tricks and tips of deception, trickery and survival.

Thanks for coming and enjoy!

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