Why Amazon Needs to Buy doubleTwist

Long before this post, many have argued that in fact the battle is not truly waged between Apple and Google, but truly Apple and Amazon, a dark horse in the race to the throne of the tech world.

Google, meaning however well, produces lackluster products (with a few exceptions granted). Apple produces arguably the most consumer-oriented products out there. Amazon is moving into place to compete.

But Amazon needs to be especially mindful of one key thing: software. Amazon Instant Video does a perfectly fine job of streaming video, but it has failed to placate its Mac users with an option to download video. Heck, the whole experience of purchasing more than one song on Amazon MP3 is less than ideal. Amazon needs to deliver on software if it wants to be a contender.

Amazon needs to buy doubleTwist. Imagine if it did. Amazon would be large enough to propel doubleTwist into the position oposite iTunes. An Amazon-backed doubleTwist would be strong enough to put up a fantastic fight against Apple and its prized iTunes.

But Amazon and doubleTwist could only pull this off if they truly integrated their products. doubleTwist would have to be able to sync music between computers, storing all the music in the cloud, as Amazon has done, but in addition, it must enable easy download and streaming through the program. That goes ditto for TV shows and movies purchased, or for that matter, rented on Amazon Instant Video (streaming is nice, but I want to be able to watch offline and without buffering).

What else… Well, since Amazon has already rolled out an Android app store, and a Mac app store, integrate those as well, like Apple has done. Oh, and what the hey: throw in a Kindle reader.

Amazon: you can take on Apple in this one move. You can make the fight a fair one. Please, for the sake of all of the consumers out there, do this.

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