Predictions: Live Blogs

With Google Wave and Google Docs, we saw/see how well the technology of live writing works. The ability to type something on a keyboard in NYC, and see the typing in realtime in San Francisco is really wonderful. But other than collaboration, there’s not much other application for the realtime technology. Or is there?

I believe that in the future, blogs will begin a push for live writing. Some may make it a paid subscription model, but I think that more will simply offer it as an added bonus to get viewers to the site. What is live writing you ask? Well, here’s how I envision it:

Writers create their posts, and in real time, a section of the site updates with what they’re writing as it’s typed. One can see what a writer’s thought line is, perhaps give input before the post is officially published, and get a peek at ‘upcoming’ news, scoops and applications before the whole post comes out. Yes, some will consider it an overdose of unedited information. But with Twitter, aren’t we heading there anyway?

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