Amazon Loses Rights To Movie Purchased Less Than A Year Ago

Ocean’s 11 is one of the best movies ever made. Which is why I purchased the film using Amazon Instant Video on October 31, 2010. Here’s the receipt:




Now, in my world, when you buy something, you generally keep it. Until you explicitly get rid of it. Or, the repo man comes. But even he gives notice. So imagine my surprise, when less than an hour ago, I go to rewatch the movie, (I bought it. I didn’t rent it.) and found it, to be, well, not there:




What. The. Duce.

A few hours later, my video returned to being watchable. Then it went back to unavailable. Then it went back to available. In short, the monkeys at Amazon need to stop pulling wires.

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Google Needs To Do What They Did With Gmail in 2004

Shock the public. Make them wonder if it’s just an April Fool’s joke. Give each user 100 (one hundred) gigabytes and counting which they can use for Picasa Webs, Google Docs, Gmail, and the upcoming Google Music. Compile the data storage so that this fragmentation of file storage isn’t all over the place. Be generous. That’s how you win.

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All my ideas are now going directly to SparkMuse. Wow. What a great community!

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An Idea A Day (or every time I get around to updating this thing) #1: Crowd Sourced Novel Starter

I have a list of a ton of product/web ideas. Way too many to actually execute on. So, I have decided to just release them all, even some crummy ones. Get them all out there. If you like one, use it, morph it, create it, what ever. And let me know (ideas at squealingrat dot org). So, the first of many ideas:

A Twitter account which tweets awesome sentences each day. Each sentence is the beginning of a crowd sourced novel which will be finished by the end of the day. The novels are released for free as e-books, and the best ones will be created as crowd sourced audiobooks (like Librivox) and printed books (perhaps through Blurb).

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The Only Reason Mac OS X Lion Was Announced So Early

So at the next keynote, when Phil Schiller mounts the stage, he can have more time to talk about Lion’s cloud integration (the one billion dollar North Carolina facility), using the now free MobileMe, and a web based iTunes (via Lala).

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With technology…

it’s a writer’s world.

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Google Voice Tips

(click on picture to enlarge)

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What Motorola Needs to do to Sell The Xoom

Discount. Mass. Groupon like. Make it $500 for the first 3,000 early adopters. Stop advertising it and sell it at a discount to the people who care, who can show it off to their friends, and pump up the hype to make real sales.

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What Google Needs To Do

One team at Google needs to be in charge of product integration. I’m not talking about a couple of folks who each get product integrator written next to their nameplate. I’m talking about several dozen networkers who are professionals at product integration, and can unify and simply Google’s storage system. Because right now, there are way too many storage allotments to keep track of from different Google services (GDocs- 1gb, extendable, Picasa Web- 1 gb, extendable another way….). And after they tackle that problem, perhaps a better Google Voice to Gmail integration using GChat? Or Google Reader to Books integration for custom daily newspapers? I’m sure they’ll have plenty on their plate to do.

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The Tech Hotel [Ideas]

When I’m older and richer, I’d like to create something. One idea I’ve had for a while is what I’m dubbing ‘The Tech Hotel’. Here’s the concept:

Take over an entire hotel for a year. Allow any programmers, designers, etc to live for free there. Foster all the great ideas that people have, and allow people to connect with each other. Build small teams of people, each with at least one programmer and designer. Free domains, free hosting. Not-for-profit. For fun. For the sake of creation.

(I have a bunch of other project ideas I’ve dumped here)

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