How Google Music Can Rock

Google Music is just around the corner. And rather than wait to kvetch about what Google didn’t do, I though I’d take the time now to let them know what they should do. So here we go.

In order to be really successful, Google first has to compete with iTunes. This is not an easy task, but to get closer to that goal, they need to acquire Dazzboard, a web based device syncer. With this integrated with Google Music, one could purchase music and dump it onto their phone or music player with one click.

Now, one of the biggest problems with iTunes that Google can solve is with sharing. If you are in a household with several computers, several members or just a bunch of friends you want to share music with, iTunes doesn’t make it incredibly easy.

Google, what would happen if you let a music library be tied to multiple Google accounts? This could work the same way as Google Docs, being able to invite other Google users to share a library, even create sections for different people. Everyone could put all their music up online, and let others stream or download.

This might seem too utopian in the day of RIAA. True, true. Let’s factor in cost.

If Google, gave perhaps, 5 users per library, and let more join after that for a yearly fee, that could work. Of course, one might be paying $25 a year to just store and access all their music in the cloud.

Oh, and Google? Acquire rdio. Those guys can help you with your interface issues…

Squealing Rat is a writer, twitterer, and music listener. He also loves trickery

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