Give to the Jimmy Fund, Get a Google Plus Invite

I’m sixteen, and every year, for the past eleven years, I have raised money for the Jimmy Fund. Every year, it’s been a bit different.

A few years in the past, I have donned a costume (or three) and “performed”, raising money. A few more, I simply send out emails to all who I know. Last year, I auctioned off Google Wave invites to raise money.

This year, Google has not disappointed my faithful watch, announcing the much hyped Google Plus, which is still (thankfully) in the invite-only stages. Thus, I’m going to revert to a familiar approach.

For each person who donates hereand sends squealingrat [at sign- you know the squiggly thing?] a request for a Google Plus invite (incredibly, some people are just donating because they want to feel good about helping the fight against cancer!), will receive one.*

Thank you. Donate here.

*I’m using a method that may be considered a hack, and eventually shut down to save Google Plus from the stampedes of people running to the service. If it is in fact shut down, I cannot guarantee the receipt of said invite, and you might just have to deal with the warm feelings of generosity pumping through your veins.

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