Always Be Pledging WYNC Alec Baldwin Script

Let’s talk about something important,
You call yourself a WNYC listener?
Well, how about you call yourself a pledger?

Put that coffee down.
Coffee is for pledgers only.
Oh, have I got your attention now?
Only one thing counts in this life,
and that is pledging public radio,
and if you can’t pledge public radio,
then goodbye,
hit the bricks pal,
and beat it!

Nice guy? Who cares?
Successful at your job? I don’t give a damn.
Good parent? Go home and play with your kids.
You want to support WNYC then pledge.

A. B. P.
A- always, B- be, P- pledging,
Always be pledging,
always be pledging!

We’ve got the new thank-you gifts,
tote bags, New Yorker subscriptions, baseball shirts, cook books…
You want them?
They’re for pledgers.
Always be pledging!

The money’s out there,
they’re waiting for you to pledge it.
You don’t?
I got no sympathy for you.

Always be pledging,
always be pledging!

All you have to do is call 1-888-376-9692
or pledge online at

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