All of David Pogue’s Song Spoofs

David Pogue, technology columnist for the New York Times, is famous for his fantastically done song spoofs. On his site, he does display a bunch of them, but not all. Here’s every David Pogue song I could think of.  Please let us know in the comments what we’re missing.

TED Medley (using Piano Man, YMCA)

iPhone Music Video (using I Did It My Way)

Here’s the lyrics. Here are some more versions:

Dude, You Bought a Dell

A Bunch of Songs (One to the tune 76 Trombones about Dell support, Don’t Cry for Me Cupertino to Don’t Cry for Me Argentina, iPod Mini song, Dude You Bought A Dell)

Imagine There’s No Apple (using Imagine)

Killing Me Softly with His Slides

Sounds of Silence, The Tech Support Song

Microsoft (using Jingle Bells)

Happily Addicted to the Web (Winter Wonderland)

The Bill Gates Song (The Christmas Song)

I Write the Code (I Write the Songs)

Don’t Cry For Me, Cupertino (Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina)

America Online the Beautiful (America the Beautiful)

I Just Called to Say I Bought You (I Just Called to Say I Love You)

The Girl I Met by Email (The Girl from Ipanema)


“Send in the Clones,” “I’m Dreaming of a Clean System,” “Violent Night,” and “Gil Amelio’s Comin’ to Town!”


David Pogue holds the copyrights to all these songs. No infringement intended.


[audio:|titles=TED Medley]
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