A Quest To Sync Google Docs With Computer

Since the dawn of time, I’ve wanted to sync my Google Docs with my computer, and my Dropbox. Actually, the dawn of time would be around 2007, the beginning of Google Docs. It was a quaint idea with possibilities.

Back then, I had a crappy old Dell. I found DocSyncer (PC only), and began its use immediately. It died a year later. I plodded on. (Speaking of the deadpool, cloudseed tried to do the same and died as well.)

Then I got a Mac. My search became even harder.

Google announced something to sync Word with Docs. It wasn’t available for Mac, and it only did things created with Microsoft products. Lame.


Earlier this year, Dropbox announced they were working on Google Docs sync. That was six months ago.

There are programs for PCs, like Syncdocs.

Syncplicity does this, but often screws up badly. To be fair, so does the other major player in the Mac space, Insync, which I’ve tried, and stopped using because of the duplicates and lost files created.

A few Google Chrome extensions allow editing of Dropbox easily. SourceKit directly saves files to your Dropbox live, while cloudHQ integrates Google Docs and Dropbox.

(Oh- I only looked for free products. Here’s a paid one.)

So what am I doing now? Actually, through my research, I discovered a new product that I haven’t yet tested. So I’m going to try cloudHQ and see how it goes. In the meantime, please Google, make this an official product.

UPDATE: Joukuu Lets You Manage Files Across Google Docs, Dropbox And Box.net | TechCrunch

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