12 Ideas for Web Apps, Sites and Other Things

Blippy for the Browser

In this age of oversharing, what’s one more stream of data? I’m thinking you should be able to create a profile that keeps track of the websites you visit, and you can rack up a leader board for the sites you visit the most…

Radio Acting Company (Podcast)

A Prairie Home Companion has a radio acting company that is awesome. But is that the only one out there? Let’s create another, better one, that you can actually subscribe to in the form of a podcast. I’d be interested in writing and doing voice work for the team…

Online Bus Stop

Where are you going? Where would you like to go? Figuratively and literally. A simple, nice break from the day. Inspired by this Radiolab short.

An Online ‘Moth’

Everyone loves telling stories. The Moth is a great show. But it’s limited. An online ‘The Moth’ could let everyone submit and tell stories, and there could even be shows created live as people went on to waiting lists to become part of a night’s stream.

Help with Schools

An application that parses education information, school ratings, teacher news and ratings, testing results etc. per each school using public information (more information here)

Public Radio for Podcasts

Public radio for podcasts- one eternal publisher live stream, tune in for interested “syndicated” podcasts, could have ads.

Blogger meet Doodler

A network set up where doodlers team up with bloggers to create posts with awesome drawings attached. Bloggers put out a better post, and doodlers get recognition and press. (also posted here)

Tees for All

Some people come up with great tee-slogans and never get recognition, or the shirt made. The site could open up to all submissions, and people could run through lists and choose tees they like. If a certain number of people are interested, the shirt is printed, and shipped.

Shorts or Not

Website/iPhone app that answers the simple question shorts or not using the ‘real feel’ weather temperature… (also posted here)

Comics Only

The back 0f every newspaper with comics. An online place that simply pulls together a nice sheet on your iPad of comic strips for your daily enjoyment.

Project DIMP

A network for people who love to create apps, websites and services. The projects people come up with are built through crowd sourcing.

(like Quirky, but for internet ideas)

Key Features:
Project pages, with way to join/follow a particular project
Project pages must have a way to upload information, including designs and code
Profile pages with way to contact person and see what projects they’ve joined

Ideas for names:
DIMP (designers, idea-ers, marketers, programmers)
crtr (creator)
prtnr/partnr (domain is available for part.nr)
Buzzing Bees (bees work hard, and different bees have different jobs in one big hive)

Never ending music…

Very simple web application that basically creates 1 never ending, community created music playlist that anyone can add a song to. (Might have to limit # of songs added per day per IP.) The uniqueness of this idea would be based around not actually looking for similar music to what you like, but exposing visitors to a hugely diverse list of songs that would allow people to find new and completely different songs that they might not ordinarily listen to.



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