MoonwalkMay 12

I can’t moonwalk, so I’ll just slide my feet around like a buffoon.

A Subtle Message from Teenagers…May 10

Teens in Thought Society

(Thanks X!)

Care in the WorldMay 10

I don’t care because you don’t care.

Consultant.May 8

“I don’t see a therapist, I go to a life consultant.”

Dental Floss?May 2

“I hope you realize the gravity of the quandary you have just plunged yourself into.”

I Came, I Saw…April 13

I came, I saw, I tried.

The unknown Julius Caesar quote discussing a Roman woman rejecting him. And now, for a real Caesar quote, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves…” (OK, again, that wasn’t actually Caesar, but rather Shakespeare, writing as Caesar. Alas!)

With All Due- Wait, What?April 10

Why do we say with all due respect when we want to spit on their shoes?

BeautyApril 4

If you’re supposed to enjoy beauty, why do they frown on enjoying your own beauty?

Louis, I think this is…March 24

Louis, I think this is the beginning of a tearful goodbye…

-A Morning in Casablanca

InsurerMarch 5

“Sir, we don’t cover anything that requires us to pay something or help someone. I believe that is unclearly stated in our policy.”

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