Recently, I discovered a large folder of old Radiolab episodes that weren’t on the official website circulating around. Here’s the readme file that came with them:

This is a non-official collection of Radiolab episodes dating from
may 2002 to jun 2005 in mp3 format.

The episodes were downloaded from the episode archive at:
Only the episodes in RealAudio format were downloaded. The audio files were
then transcoded to mp3 and tagged properly with episode information from the
web site.

There are some near duplicates because the episodes have been aired multiple
times, some with exactly the same content, in those case I have only kept the
one with best sound quality. Also there are episodes with multiple 1 hour
long parts where only the first part is available from the Radiolab archive.

Tip if using iTunes to sync to your iPod or iPhone:
Select all episodes
Right click and select “Get Info”
Go to the “Options” tab
Change Media Kind to Podcast
Change Remember position to Yes
Change Skip when shuffling to Yes

Now the episodes will behave as a regular podcast.

Hope you enjoy the shows! but remember that Radiolab is a free service so
please consider to make a donation at

Because I’m releasing them as a podcast feed, there’s no need to go through the steps described to make episodes act like a podcast. Enjoy!

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Hi! im the guy from the readme file 🙂 glad to see that you found the episodes and make them more available!

February 26, 2011 11:53 pm

Awesome! My pleasure!

February 26, 2011 11:59 pm

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