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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Ants, BP and Nike

Giant Ants Attack Building Old Spice Sales Double With YouTube Campaign Another 13 Creative Bus Ads Pomparkour Ad BP takes another hit…. (FAIL) Best. Ad. Campaign. EVER NEW: A Half Hour of Exercise Can Boost Creativity for Hours

Toothpaste, Unlimited and Choosing

The art of seduction [in marketing] Samsung UK Giving Away Free Galaxy S Android Phones To People Who Complain About The iPhone 4 12 Creative Toothpaste Advertisements The problem with unlimited Lurid brain-buckets protect your noggin in style THE FRONTIER IS ALL AROUND US Sheena Iyengar on the art of choosing NEW: Pen ad features […]

Software, Erasers and Coke

THE PROBLEM WITH SOCIAL ONLY NONPROFIT CAMPAIGNS A Bundle of Joy to Maximize your Business This Eraser Can Save Your Memories How Coca-Cola Created Its “Happiness Machine” [INTERVIEW] Panasonic Note Billboards Record and Track Viewers Today, Minority Report Tomorrow? Hunters

Old Spice, Early Bird and a Real-world Ad Blocker

Salt Shaker/Dandruff Shampoo Ad Real-world ad blocker 10 Innovative Subway Advertisements Twitter Early Bird Old Spice Guy Makes Twitter Fan’s Marriage Proposal [VIDEO] Ad campaign: She didn’t ask for it Why Press Releases Aren’t Always the Best Way to Get Press How the Old Spice Videos Are Being Made The Old Spice Social Media Campaign […]

Eyes, Meat and Jeep

BigThink videos: Penn Jillette and Dan Ariely (at around 26 min for the Dan Ariely video, it becomes quite relevant) Chicago’s New 30 Foot Tall “Eye” Sculpture by Tony Tasset A Crisper Solution Jeep Anthem Knitted Meat iAds Generate $1,400 for One Developer in a Day Apple’s New Campaign: 4 Ads About iPhone 4 Video […]

Time, Emotions and Billboards

The Key to Creating Remarkable Things Stefan Sagmeister: The power of time off Boost Your Brainstorming with the Six Thinking Hats Method Discovering the Virtues of a Wandering Mind 12 Most Clever Interactive Billboards Deer Rudolph and Eagle Eye team up to escape Redneck Hunter. OBVIOUS HUMAN EMOTIONS

King Kong, Aspirin and More

Old Spice | Questions bayer aspirin universal king kong 5 Ways I’m Using Facebook to Drive Traffic, Build Brand and Increase Reader Engagement Leveraging Social Media for Contest Promotion 6 Challenges to Managing a Brand on the Social Web Get as Far From Your Office as Possible to Solve Sticky Problems Whimsical: Brooklyn Superhero Supply […]