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Billboards, Moms and Students

Anti-Drunk Driving Billboard No, Seriously, the MacBook Air Is This Light (Updated) EA Ad Goes Viral Thanks to Disgusted Moms Yammer Proclaims The Death Of Old Media Through Old Media 10 Sites To Watch The Very Best Of Funny & Creative Advertisements Apple Opens Up iAd Creation to the Masses In Denver, a pop-up store […]

Nativity, YouTube and Traffic

The Tale Behind That Digital Nativity Story Viral Video A teary antidote to holiday shopping… – TEDChris: The untweetable 4 Innovative Social Good Campaigns for Education YouTube Blog: The ad your ads could look like: Looking back at the best YouTube ads of 2010 Some DVR Users Don’t Skips the Ads – Recent Billboard […]

Humans, Cheese, and Spies

3 Creative Social Good Campaigns that Will Make You Smile (Source) 3 Things Any Video Needs to Go Viral (Source) This Billboard Is Made of Cheese (Source) The Daily What (Source) 4 Creative Social Marketing Campaigns from Around the World (Source) Human Billboards (Source) A Spy Date Gone Wrong (Or Don’t Touch the Remote, Gal) […]

Climate Change, Street Art and Mobile

This Controversial Climate Change Ad Made Sony Drop its Sponsorship (Source) New Fuel for Local Papers – Medical Marijuana Ads – (Source) 10 Excellent Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns [VIDEOS] (Source) Security Company Uses Box to Show How Easy It Is to Break into Your Home (Source) KerbScrawl: Eco-Friendly Street Art Advertising – PSFK […]

YouTube Ads, Ikea, and Parking

Red Vines: A Case Study On How To Market Something That Everyone Already Likes (Source) TipEx’s clever, raunchy YouTube ad – Boing Boing (Source) Quiznos sandwich: reality versus advertising – Boing Boing (Source) IKEA Let Loose a Herd of 100 Cats Into Store to ‘See What Happens’ (Source) Don’t Get Caught Up in the Steve […]

iPhones, Unbranding and Creativity

iPhone Users Now Click on More Ads – Blackberry Users Still Ignore Them (Source) German cell phone commercial with cute monsters – Boing Boing (Source) Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity | Video on (Source) New marketing trend: “Unbranding” – Boing Boing (Source) 5 Tips for Aspiring Copywriters and Art Directors (Source) Emotionally intelligent signage […]

Magazines, Cubes and Monkeys

This week in bad advertising Rubik’s Cube Head AdGrok Simplifies Keyword Bidding And More On Google AdWords Monkey see, monkey do, monkey remember advertise in the next issue of Longshot Magazine (new magazine, previously 48hrmag) Best Supermarket Display Ever

Gas-aid, Piggy and Cognition

New GEICO Commercial – Piggy Cognition quotes Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans with Old Navy’s “Booty Reader” GAS-AID Homeless parking meters What is Chalkbot?

Ants, BP and Nike

Giant Ants Attack Building Old Spice Sales Double With YouTube Campaign Another 13 Creative Bus Ads Pomparkour Ad BP takes another hit…. (FAIL) Best. Ad. Campaign. EVER NEW: A Half Hour of Exercise Can Boost Creativity for Hours

Toothpaste, Unlimited and Choosing

The art of seduction [in marketing] Samsung UK Giving Away Free Galaxy S Android Phones To People Who Complain About The iPhone 4 12 Creative Toothpaste Advertisements The problem with unlimited Lurid brain-buckets protect your noggin in style THE FRONTIER IS ALL AROUND US Sheena Iyengar on the art of choosing NEW: Pen ad features […]