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Recess, Banning HW, and Physics

  Pediatricians Say Slashing Recess Hurts Kids, but Will Adults Listen? | Health on GOOD Real Parent Power How Comics Help Students Retain Knowledge is a Growing Field of Study Public School Utopia? Let’s Make This Vision for Education a Reality | Education on GOOD What schools should really teach – Boing Boing If students […]

Expectations, Cheating and Alan Alda

  Teachers’ Expectations Can Influence How Students Perform : Shots – Health Blog : NPR Stuyvesant Students Describe Rationale for Cheating – GOOD Video: Can Virtual Lectures Improve Student Success? | Education on GOOD Noam Chomsky – The Purpose of Education – YouTube Alan Alda is Trying to Find the Next Carl Sagan – […]

Experiments, Cash and Altruism

Can We Reverse The Stanford Prison Experiment? – Greg McKeown – Harvard Business Review How to Choose Summer Reading for Students – Teacher tells graduating class: you’re not special – New York Daily News Can a National Campaign Get Schools to Rethink Homework? – Education – GOOD More Students Should Participate in Teacher Hiring […]

Homework, Radio and SMS

YouTube for Schools: All the TED Talks, None of the Cat Videos MIT and the future of open-source education – Boing Boing Having The Talk by Al Vernacchio Abridged College Misery: Henchminion Sends In the Tale of “The Magna Carta Essay!” Teachers ‘flip’ their lectures, homework to reach more students – The York Daily Record […]

Finland, Plagiarism and Gamification

Ravitch: Why Finland’s schools are great (by doing what we don’t) – The Answer Sheet – The Washington Post Reading, Writing, Empathy: The Rise of ‘Social Emotional Learning’ – Education – GOOD OpenClassroom Why schools should not grade character traits – The Answer Sheet – The Washington Post Winner: ‘Redesign the Report Card’ Project – […]

Apps, Studio School and YouTube

The Stupid Things You Do at Work (and How to Fix Them) Review: 10 Education Tech Startups from ImagineK12 to Watch | WiredAcademic Can a Facebook App Help College Students Study? – Education – GOOD Clutter can kill creativity and innovation | Unclutterer Geoff Mulgan: A short intro to the Studio School | Video on […]

Humanism, Homework and Startups

Atheism U? A New Elite University Focuses on Spreading Humanism | | AlterNet Daily Kos: Diane Ravitch at Save Our Schools What Will School Look Like in 10 Years? – Structured homeschooling gets an A+ Teacher’s iPad Experiment Shows Possibilities for Classroom Technology – Education – GOOD Quality Homework – A Smart Idea – […]

Tunes, Textbooks and Incentives

Skipping School: A Look at Free Higher-Education Alternatives – Education – GOOD Freakonomics » Our Daily Bleg: How Should a Professor Incentivize Classroom Attendance? Why Are Finland’s Schools Successful? | People & Places | Smithsonian Magazine 6 Beneficial Things They Made You Stop Doing in School | Teacher Collaboration Gives Schools Better Results – […]

PISA, Plagiarism and Groupon

Demystifying International Tests: What Makes the PISA Special? – Education – GOOD Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education Are Schools on the Verge of a Mobile-Phone Revolution? – Education – GOOD Why Are Great Teachers Leaving the Classroom? – Education – GOOD blog dds: 2011.07.23 – How I Dealt with Student Plagiarism Groupon […]

Justice, Friends and Future

For the Good of All Students: Why I’m Marching for Education Justice – Education – GOOD Could You Modify It ‘To Stop Students From Becoming This Advanced?’ | Cato @ Liberty 19 year-old Stanford Ph.D. dropout Andrew Hsu is Changing Education How to fix higher education. – By William Pannapacker – Slate Magazine Missouri Forbids […]